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Luna Park Casino Game

The "Luna Park" slot machine is a 25 lines payout, 5 reels, with 2 bonus games.You can bet from 1 to 10 coins for 1 played line and you can play from 1 to 25 lines.The winning combinations are to be read from left to right and from the right to the left.Only the highest winning combination pays out per line.

The “Laughing Skeleton” Symbol:

The “Laughing Skeleton” symbol is a Joker (It only appears on the second and fourth wheels).When a Joker symbol appears, it spreads across the whole wheel. It is then a Joker for the 3 positions of the wheel. The Joker can only replace the following symbols:

Laughing Skeleton

"Super Wheel" Bonus:

The Super Wheel Bonus Game starts when 5 “Tickets” symbols appear on a line played.Each of the 24 Carriage Symbols offer a different reward:

Super Wheel

From the 24 carriages of the super wheel, the player selects any carriage and its corresponding reward until 3 carriages of the same color appear. Different rewards can be associated to a same color, depending on which carriage it was found under.As soon as 3 identically colored carriages have appeared, the game ends. If the Green Carriage symbol shows up before 3 identically colored carriages have been discovered, the total winning is doubled.At the end, the player wins the total of the 3 rewards associated to the identically colored carriages, doubled if the Green Carriage symbol was revealed multiplied by the number of coins bet per line.

"High Striker Bonus”:

The "High Striker" Bonus Game starts when 3, 4 or 5 "Hammer & Bell" symbols show up on at least 3 adjacent rows anywhere on the screen as indicated in the payout section.You are presented with a line of 20 young boys standing in front of 3 strike machines. You have to select 1 kid out of the 20 lining up to hit a strike with his hammer. The end result will display the highest strike with a different gain each.

High Striker Bonus

There are 5 different values of reward corresponding to the Height Level reached on the pole.

The reward varies, depending on the number of ‘Hammer and Bell' having started the Bonus Game. The player wins the reward multiplied by the number of coins bet, multiplied by the number of lines played.



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