Online Casinos That Accept Mastercard – Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada

online casinos that accept mastercard

Whether you favor prepaid cards for their privacy, security, or limited spending, you will have a lot of options to choose from when depositing and withdrawing from online casinos. In terms of deposits, most online casinos will process your request instantly. For withdrawals, the processing procedure might take from 1-3 days to go through, although you can speed up the process by including your verification documents. This also goes for MasterCard Maestro debit cards, MasterCard prepaid and MasterCard gift cards. MasterCard has grown to be the one most reliable and popular payment system today for Canadian players at online casinos. MasterCard services are used by banks across the world and a most trusted method of payment at online casinos in Canada.

online casinos that accept mastercard

By using MasterCard casino players from all around the world can easily make a deposit at online gambling platforms. This payment method is one of the most widespread in the world and is accepted in more than 220 countries by 25 million companies. Given that nowadays a credit card becomes just another ID for its owner there are not a lot of online gamblers that would prefer to choose an e-wallet or run for prepaid cards to offline sales outlets. Absolutely, prepaid cards are one of the quickest and safest banking options for depositing real money at gambling sites. Players from different parts of the world are discovering the benefits of using prepaid cards as their deposit solutions.

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All of these Mastercard options will enable you to make a deposit seamlessly at almost all online casinos. These casinos – for example, online casinos that accept prepaid Mastercard – have been dubbed “prepaid casinos”. These casinos provide the highest level of security and reliability for all the players that decide to use prepaid cards to fund their accounts. There are a few trusted and reputable casinos out there but in order to find out which ones work perfectly with prepaid cards, you need to do some research. As online gambling has become extremely popular, more and more players are looking for convenient and safe methods to manage their gaming funds. Since players may sometimes feel restricted when it comes to payment solutions, there is always the option of choosing a virtual casino that accepts payments via prepaid cards. First and maybe one of the most important qualities of prepaid cards is the safety that they provide.

  • As one of the most widely used credit card payment options in the world, MasterCard makes online casino deposits quick and easy.
  • This is because most prepaid cards are not connected to any bank accounts or credit/debit cards.
  • This way the virtual casino is actually unable to transfer you your money.
  • Many online players find it annoying that they must look for alternative payment solutions when it comes to withdrawals.

If you are wondering where you can get a prepaid card, you will be surprised by the various options you will be provided. You can buy reloadable or disposable prepaid cards from convenience stores, gas stations and other retailers, banking institutions as well as credit card companies. Some of the biggest companies that offer payment solutions are also providing their customers with virtual or physical prepaid cards which are accepted in the majority of trustworthy online casinos. Since prepaid cards have become a pretty popular method to pay for online purchases, virtual casinos have also started accepting deposits made via this method. This payment solution has helped many players who do not have many options to upload funds to their gaming accounts. It has the 16-digit number and the security code on the back and it a specific amount of money on it that you can use in the online casinos that accept prepaids.

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Neosurf and Paysafecard vouchers are another option if, while gambling, you do not want to spend more than a prepaid sum of money. So if breaking the money limit is a problem for you, you should give a try to online casinos that accept prepaids. However, when using PayPal casinos transactions can be blocked since this e-payment operator is suspicious about online gambling. Although the best casino sites in Calgary accept this payment method, when making online casino MasterCard accepted transactions keep in mind that problems can arise with the bank that had issued the card. Since in many Canadian provinces such as Alberta casinos are officially allowed to operate only offline, the international websites are the only way for the local residents to enjoy online gambling. But the casino itself, most likely, will not have interchange fees for using your MasterCard credit card. That is another reason players might decide to use a MasterCard prepaid, MasterCard Maestro debit or MasterCard gift card for playing at MasterCard online casinos.

online casinos that accept mastercard

This way players can be sure that they will not have to worry about identity thefts and they can fully enjoy their online gambling adventures. When you play online, you can use special PINs to upload funds to your gaming account from your prepaid card’s balance. As you are browsing the different virtual casinos, you will see that many of them accept payments via Paysafecard. This type of prepaid card offers PINs which can be bought from various retailers. It is possible to make a deposit to the web-based casino where you play via Paysafecard. All that you need to do is choose this payment method and enter the 16-digit PIN you have purchased and upload the amount you would like.

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If you happen to use just a fraction of the money in your Paysafecard, you can use the PIN again until you have depleted the balance of the prepaid card. If you feel like you are running out of payment options, you can always try to pay with prepaid cards. The list of the advantages of this banking solutions is endless and you will be able to enjoy your virtual gambling anytime you would like. As prepaid cards have become very popular among online gamblers, many web-based casinos allow their members to make deposits via various prepaid cards. All you need to do is to visit the card issuer website, choose the amount of money you want to have on the card, pay for it using any convenient method and have the virtual prepaid card right on your screen.

online casinos that accept mastercard

Starting in 1990, the preferred payment method for online gambling has been credit cards such as Master Card. Now, there are other options of online payment available mainly due to the fact that in the US, credit card transactions are illegal. For these persons living in the US , one must consider using Ewallet Express or Quicktender for gambling transactions. Since individual banks often exercise control over the cards they issue, it’s possible that your bank will not allow your card to be used for online gambling. This is why we recommended having a backup credit card available, just in case your first is rejected for this reason. Log into your player account and enter the cashier area of your online casino software.


It is worth exploring the payment options of different web-based casinos so that you can make the right choice of where you should enjoy your favourite games. Since prepaid cards do not allow huge payments, those who are fairly new to online gambling can opt for this method when they make their first deposits. This way they will not risk spending too much money if they happen to make a mistake during the upload of funds. Thanks to the limits of prepaid cards, players also have the opportunity to control their spendings and overall, avoid getting into debts.

online casinos that accept mastercard

Any of our recommended sites will show you a good game and swift banking, butJackpot Cityis our players’ top choice. Of course, Gift Cards may put the casino operator into trouble, but it isn’t enough to refuse to accept it, right? There is little doubt that MasterCard is the number one payment service across the globe. These features that the service provides has made the best MasterCard casinos in Canada to choose this alternative as the main and most trustworthy option to offer to gamblers on their site.

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As online gambling is becoming more and more popular, depositing cash using credit or debit cards is becoming increasingly difficult in certain jurisdictions – particularly in Canada. This calls for alternative means of payment, which is where prepaid cards come in handy. Established in 1966, MasterCard is an American multinational charge card cooperative owned by over 25,000 financial institutions.