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This is a win-win solution and a direction I am glad to see our government continuing to take. However, I know there is still more work for us to do, and I am proud that this government is continuing to support Canadians in all walks of life. By further strengthening the Canada child benefit, our government will continue to support Canadian families by helping them worry less about finances and focus more on spending valuable time together.

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I will use my time in maiden speech to speak, on behalf of our government, to the Speech from the Throne. As I see it, the NDP government in British Columbia is really supporting a project that is bad for the environment and goes against the interests of indigenous peoples. For all these reasons, we are telling the Liberal government that it is time to take action. According to the Hoskins report released a few months ago, this is a good thing that has been studied at length, and our society needs it. We at the NDP are saying that it is time to move forward and take this seriously, and we will be here to support the government if it comes up with something public and universal. Last year, I met with people who are directly affected by the lack of such a principle or federal program, for example, retail workers and unionized workers at M├ętro, Provigo and Loblaws. They work part time for a modest wage and have to contribute to their employer’s drug plan.

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A lot of people say these firearms are already banned, but a lot of them have not been banned; they are just restricted, and there is a difference between being banned and being restricted. Over on this side of the House, Conservatives understand that responsible forestry management would actually help us reduce carbon emissions by planting new trees and sequestering more carbon. It would provide good jobs for people in my riding and across the country. I hope to be able to work with all parties in the House to support the forestry sector.

That is exactly what this government has the responsibility to do from time to time. Mr. Speaker, the crisis created by coronavirus underlines the importance of effective co-operation among all peoples and governments on health matters. Mr. Speaker, this is an opportune time to remind Canadians to register with the Global Affairs Canada website to let people know when they are leaving the country. Mr. Speaker, in fact, our government has been well ahead of the World Health Organization’s strategies in terms of screening at ports of entry. We have multiple measures to alert travellers from the affected regions about what to do if they suspect that they have the illness.

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My community was also glad to hear that we plan on taking action to further reduce plastic pollution. Single-use plastics are currently being found in overwhelming amounts in our landfills, shorelines and oceans, threatening the health of our wildlife and environment. I plan to work hard with our government to further strengthen our legislation to reduce plastic pollution and support the industries that are finding innovative solutions to address this issue. When I look at my ideology and why I sit on this side of the chamber, in 2015 we were a government that was focused on supporting middle income people who needed help the most. The final point I want to raise is with respect to agriculture and farmers. Farmers are facing huge challenges, not just in my riding but all across the country.

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Madam Speaker, I would support any measure that further supports Manitobans and the citizens in my riding. As I outlined in my speech, they are facing troubling economic times, particularly the youth. We are looking for a government that makes investments in the future of Canada that actually make reasonable impacts, lower taxes and keep the size of government small while we invest in critical infrastructure. Madam Speaker, I would like to congratulate my colleague on her speech. She made a lot of sense about a lot of things, including her local- and provincial-level concerns about infrastructure, social issues and youth. However, most of these issues are not just regional but, about 90% of the time, local, and they fall under provincial jurisdiction, especially when it comes to infrastructure and health. In my speech I spoke a lot about the future of this country and the stakes that young people are facing.

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While the Liberal government has long said that the economy and the environment go hand in hand, the policies it implemented in the last session and those it pledged to implement going forward tell a different story. It sacrificed the economic prosperity of Alberta and the other provinces for merely the appearance of environmental protection. On the natural resources sector, our primary industries across the country provide important jobs and revenue to support public spending on areas such as health care, infrastructure and education. In Nova Scotia, it is the forestry sector that faces uncertainty at the moment and I am happy to know that our government is focusing on ensuring a sustainable industry moving forward. While, of course, the administration of health care is a provincial responsibility, the federal government plays an important role in partnering with the provinces. This government has contributed more money to Nova Scotia than ever before to support health care, but we know there remain challenges.

  • The Speech from the Throne was notably silent on some of the most pressing concerns our country is facing today.
  • Our country originated on the talents and values of our first nations and aboriginal peoples, as well as the settlers from Britain and France.
  • While the Liberal government has long said that the economy and the environment go hand in hand, the policies it implemented in the last session and those it pledged to implement going forward tell a different story.
  • It sacrificed the economic prosperity of Alberta and the other provinces for merely the appearance of environmental protection.
  • The throne speech mentioned the long history and the many differences in Canada, and the enduring stability and progress of our Parliament despite those differences.

The health facility and accommodations update is estimated to be 1,230.88 square metres when completed, compared to the current facility space of 347 square metres, which was built in 1989. Ongoing dialogue continues between Canada and Grassy Narrows First Nation, and it is anticipated that construction will begin in the summer of 2021 to renovate the current health facility. Mr. Speaker, the government is currently analyzing the platform commitment referenced by the member of Parliament for Foothills in Question No. 24 on December 5, 2021, with respect to Farm Credit Canada. The new entity, farm and food development Canada, will serve as a single point of service, delivering products from across government, with an expanded and enhanced mandate and additional capital lending capability. I also want to thank the Prime Minister for avoiding letting this issue become simplistic.

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We have trained our CBSA officers to ensure that they have the tools they need to support people who may be ill. We have worked with partner airlines to ensure there is information on flights. Here at home, the government has overseen more than $100 billion in cancelled energy projects.

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I asked a question back in December that dealt with the IRGC, which is the entity responsible for shooting down this aircraft. The question was about a motion that passed in this House a year and a half ago, which called for the listing of the IRGC as a terrorist entity under the Criminal Code. All members of the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party voted in favour of that motion. Subsequent to that, the then minister of public safety, Ralph Goodale, said that the issue was being studied.

We have made a strong commitment to impose a tax on foreign-based Internet platform providers to fund the creation of cultural content in this country. We have already made a huge commitment to the national housing strategy, putting $11.2 billion over 11 years to build, renew and repair Canada’s stock of affordable housing. In our platform and the throne speech we said that we are going to improve our first-time home buyer incentive, which will give people up to 10% off the purchase price of their first home. In places like downtown Toronto, unfortunately houses are that expensive, so we need to provide some additional support. Canada is the only country in the world that has a universal public health care system without a universal public pharmacare system to go with it.

Otherwise, it is rather difficult to take seriously a government that buys pipelines and gets involved in oil sands development. Madam Speaker, I recall when the former leader of the Green Party supported the throne speech. I am a little disappointed that she is considering not supporting it this time around. One of the biggest and boldest is the whole idea of the price on pollution as we continue to move forward. It also is ignoring its obligations under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the climate emergency by subsidizing and supporting the LNG projects where the gas pipeline is. At this very moment, the RCMP are in Wet’suwet’en Territory prepared to enforce an injunction that should never be enforced because it violates hereditary rights and traditional rights of Wet’suwet’en people.

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Humans have altered over 40% of the natural environment to the detriment of many species. Studies show that biodiversity is in more of a decline now than at any other time in human history. Over the last four years, our government has achieved bold progress on an ambitious agenda they were elected on in 2015. We worked hard to strengthen the middle class, grow the economy and protect our environment. That is not to mention the many other things that we have championed as a government, including reducing poverty and homelessness, and advancing women’s equality. The last four years are a testament that environmental action does not come at the cost of economic growth.

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